Legal Information

Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)

The first legal requirement for a marriage is completing a Notice of Intended Marriage. You can download one below, or request to be sent a form via post or email. I can also assist you with filling one out at my home.

PDF Click here to download a PDF of the Notice of Intended Marriage Form.

A 'Notice of Intended Marriage’ form must be completed and lodged with me at least one month prior to the wedding. You cannot get married within Australia without giving one months notice. I suggest you lodge this form earlier than one month with the Authorised Celebrant to secure your date and time.

Please do not sign the back of this form, as your signatures must be witnessed by your celebrant or one of the specified authorised people (listed on the back of the NOIM).

Required Documents

Before a wedding can be solemnised in Australia, certain documentation must be sighted by the Authorised Celebrant.

For anyone born in Australia

  • an original birth certificate, or
  • an original extract of birth

For anyone born overseas

  • an original birth certificate, or
  • an original extract of birth, or
  • an overseas passport

Any document that needs to be translated into English can to be done by NAATI.  (National Accreditation Authority for translators and interpreters).

Certain documents need to be produced if either party has been previously married:-

If you have been divorced

  • I need to sight the original evidence of your divorce

If you are widowed

  • I need to sight the original death certificate

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