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Create a unique and personalised ceremony or let me assist you in writing your own ceremony.  I have a wide collection of ceremonies, readings, symbols/rituals, ring ceremony, original and modern vows that can be mixed and matched to suit any occasion.

Your ceremony will be a relaxed and memorable occasion and can be held in a place and a time of your choice. My fee includes an unlimited number of appointments, phone and email contact to ensure your ceremony is perfect.

All ceremonies include the following:

  • Preparation and lodgement of all legal documents to Births, Deaths & Marriages
  • Presentation copy of your Certificate of Marriage

Optional Extras:

  • Presentation copy of your ceremony as a keepsake
  • Table, cloth, chair and sashes for document signing

Types of Wedding Ceremonies

I enjoy working with couples to find the right words, music and symbols that will reflect their relationship to each other. See below for information on some of the different types of ceremonies that are available.

Sand Ceremony
A Sand Ceremony involves a large container and two smaller containers with two different colours of sand, one representing the bride and one representing the groom.
A Sand Ceremony also works particularly well when blending families; giving each child a role within the ceremony and highlighting his or her importance within the family unit.

Rose Ceremony
The Rose Ceremony originates from more elegant days when flowers were used as a means of communication – I Love You.
The Rose Ceremony is simple yet profoundly moving.
The Bride and Groom exchange two red roses, symbolising the giving and receiving of their love for each other throughout their entire married life.
The Rose Ceremony also conveys how to use the rose and its symbolism in difficult times in order to forgive each other.

Unity Candle
The Unity Candle Ceremony involves two taper candles and one centre candle. The tapers can be lit by Parents, Bride and Groom, Grandparents, Children of the Bride or Groom.
The centre candle is then lit by the Bride and Groom with each taper candle representing their family.

Warming of Rings
This is a wonderful way of involving all of the guests in the wedding ceremony and making it a more deeply felt experience for everyone.
It is perhaps more suited to small gatherings or where all of the guests are seated. The rings are preferably held in a mesh (rings visible) bag.
An alternative approach would be to only select special people in the couple's life —parents, grandparents, children etc — to participate in this unique ritual.

Registry-style Wedding
A simple, no frills ceremony which can be held at my home or yours. The marrying couple is required to have 2 witnesses over the age of 18 to sign the Marriage Register and Certificates.

I offer many other types of ceremonies and symbols. Please contact me for more information including pricing.

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