Other Ceremonies

There is always the perfect ceremony to suit every occasion, be it a couple wishing to commit to each other or introducing a newborn to your family and friends. Whatever the occasion I have a variety of ceremonies that can be mixed and matched to suit your special occasion and circumstances. Your unique ceremony
can be held at the time you desire and at your preferred location; your home, parks, halls and most public places are suitable.

My fee includes phone and email contact as well as any number of appointments to ensure your ceremony is perfect. All ceremonies conclude with the presentation of a Certificate to keep as a memoir of the occasion.











I will work with you as a couple or as a parent/s to create your unique ceromony, we can meet at your home or mine. Ceremonies can be as brief or long as you desire, below are examples of some of the ceremonies I can perform.

Types of Ceremonies

Renewal of Vows

  • Some couples want to reaffirm their love for one another through a renewal of their vows.
  • For others it is an opportunity to recreate their wedding day with people who may or may not have been there.
  • It can be a special anniversary or an opportunity to remember an important event in their lives.

Commitment Ceremony

  • A commitment ceremony is between two people who wish to affirm their love for one and other.
  • By exchanging vows they can express their feelings without getting legally married.
  • Commitment ceremonies can be tailored to suit the couple; formal, informal, casual or intimate.

Naming Ceremony

  • The perfect opportunity to welcome your new baby or child to your closet family and friends without the religious beliefs.
  • Godparents or Mentors can be chosen and introduced who will help love, support and guide them through their lives.

I offer many other types of ceremonies and wedding ceremonies please contact me for details.

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